Welcome in Dokhyi, the place where I own and breed one of the most ancient dog breeds. Ancestor to many today's large breeds, the Tibetan Mastiff- the dog as brave as a tiger with look of a lion. 

 My adventure with Tibetan Mastiff/Do-khyi (tied-dog in Nepalese) started months after my beloved Neapolitan Mastiff was killed in car accident. Knowing that I cannot find a clone of my dog I decided to look in to other breeds. I was trying to find the "Perfect dog" being known of good guard skills same time loyal and trustworthy around own family, intelligent and easy to live with on everyday basis. Few months later we welcomed at home my first TM. 

Today after  years of real life experience with these incredible dogs, breeding few litters I may freely say that they are the most amazing, independent breed I have ever met and I do not regret my decision to become an owner and breeder of such a majestic, mystical and beautiful breed. 

Welcome in our small kennel, family dedicated to our dogs.  Health, well being of our dogs and puppies is the most important factor in our home.

In our lives we were always having large dogs but Tibetan Mastiff is the "king" of all. We're passionate about what we doing and as some may find gold sable not desirable in the breed standard we truly believe that calm, even tempered and healthy bloodline its more important than anything else.


He is a Tibetan Mastiff. They do moult like crazy, he is blowing his coat now so hoovering about 6 times a day. They are known to be destructive - can chew through anything!! Sherpa has eaten a dining table, 4 chairs, carpet..........!!! 
He is stubborn. But I couldn't wish for a better dog. He's full of personality, loves cuddles. He needs a lot of time to groom, walk etc. we had him in training since he was a puppy so he is well trained. They need a strong leader. They dig - a lot and the holes are massive. Need strong, secure garden. Have to have a sense of humour to have a TM!! Betty,Amanda Jane, Amanda, Tracey, Mikki will testify about this breed! If you want one, you HAVE to know what you're taking on ! " by Claire Stretch-owner of our Sherpa

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We're happy to welcome visitors (40 min drive from London), show our dogs and help you to discover the magic in the Tibetan Mastiff.