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Welcome in Dokhyi Kennel, the place where we own and breed one of the most ancient dog breeds. Ancestor to many today's large dogs, the true Tibetan Mastiff- dog as brave as a tiger.

My adventure with Tibetan Mastiff/Do-khyi (tied-dog in Nepalese) started months after my beloved Neapolitan Mastiff was killed in car accident. Knowing that I cannot find a clone of my Luna I decided to look in to other breeds. I was trying to find the "Perfect dog" known of being a good guard, good with children, intelligent and easy to live with on everyday basis.  Few months later we welcomed at home Jade, my first TM. Today after few years of real life experience, having dogs with different characters, breeding few litters I may freely say that they are the most incredible and independent breed I have ever met and I do not regret my decision to become an owner of such a majestic and mystical dogs.


Tibetan Mastiff Dokhyi KennelTibetan Mastiff Dokhyi Kennel



Credits for some of the photos on this website are going to Amanda Collins-Eade who owns my two puppies  and who sacrifice her time for the purpose of photographing my dogs.

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