Tibetan Mastiff

Before committing for this breed, puppy or an adult I'd strongly recommend to do good research, yet please remember, no book or article can really show what kind of dog the Tibetan Mastiff is and visiting few breeders or owners will let you see the breed as they are, some friendly and nice with people and some absolutely not. Many owners will say "my dog" is good with everyone and it is partially correct as stable and well socialised TM should behave in it's owner/s presence but mainly we need to remember that Tibetan Mastiff is a PRIMITIVE breed and a GUARD dog. Entering its territory without approval and presence of its owner can be very dangerous and risky.

The Tibetan Mastiff is not simple and easy breed in many aspects. Their tendency to protect own people and home, awareness of strangers and loyalty to owners makes them one of the most difficult breeds to be around and to be re-homed and this is serious point which need to be taken in to account before the sweet ball of fur will join your home.  

Tibetan Mastiff comes originally from Tibet, China, Mongolia and some parts of India. Variety in this breed as colours, length of coat, size  depend on bloodlines used in breeding programs.  We have different type in USA, different in UK and even more variation can be seen in Europe or Russia and so we have slightly different breed standards (if you in to showing your dog). Some standards calling for min size and specific colours or length of coat when others allows more diversity (as it should be having in mind differences in TM's in their natural habitat and within so called Tsang-khyi, Do-khyi, tiger or lion types) but at the end of the day we can't forget that the Tibetan Mastiff is not only show dog but mainly serious guard and decision of becoming owner of one needs to be well consider. 

They are devoted to own family.

 -They love kids and they are patient with them but as with all large breeds; NO child should be left unattended with any dog!

-TM's mostly are healthy dogs with lifespan 8-12 years.

-Excellent guardian and watch dog. Very protective over family and property!

-Most females do have season only once a year.

-No "typical" dog smell in home.

-They're not eating as much as you would think.

-Highly intelligent.

-Very independent (!)

-Low level of grooming, except time when they moulting.

-They are very aware of strangers.

 -They do like bark.

-They're not easy to train, you will not have the chance to teach your dog special tricks.

-They are not good on recall.

-TM knows how to ignore you (goes in one ear and out the other).

-They need extensive (!) amount of socialisation from as young as possible.

-They love to chew wood (other things as well) and they can be very destructive .

-They require secure fencing around the property as they are masters of escapes.