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Iko Iron For Dokhyi Des Lions Du Nam'Tso- (Sang Se Sang Soko Dokhyi & Seng Khri Huang Niu) son to our Seiko born in France where our boy fathered Huang litter . Beautiful black & tan male with temperament worth all the gold of this world. Long coated with rich mane, male who has prove himself in few beautiful and healthy litters. The only one till date LION type male in the UK.

HD/AA, ED/00



Chenporewa Lucky Legro- (Skylit Mei Mustang & Bodhicita Sundari). Amazing giant with sweet and loving heart,  massive head on beautifully sounded body so true and real in type. Boy who has fathered 2 litters, all his babies turned out to be as outstanding as he is himself. Male who carry the best and most known bloodlines, proven to produce the world winning offspring. 




Dokhyi Miracle M'Sandalphon ( Sang Se Sang Soko Dokhyi & Carramia Sweet Mystery Dokhyi) our home born gold boy who lives his happily life in Scotland. Solid structure with head and bone, easy and free in movement with well balanced temperament. Perfect mix of his Sire and Dam bloodlines.


Zoltan (on right)Zoltan (on right)


Zoltan's hips in age of 5 years Zoltan's hips in age of 5 years



Carramia Stormin Norman at Ronanaman (Bheara Yontan & Stormnangels Gypsy Ralasa), brother to my Sangye who is own by my friend Amanda. Solid black male who presents all what true Tibetan Mastiff should; nice and deep front, head of a male, free in movement and with temperament as good as gold. Boy with pedigree one to non. Carrier of best Australian, UK, Canadian and USA bloodlines.

HD/AA ED 0/1





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